Agreements are categorized by year, policy area, Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), and municipality. You have three options for finding agreements:

1) Click on "Year" or "Policy Area" in the list below to select a particular year or general policy area from a list.

2) If you click on a particular CMA, you will see a list of all the municipalities within that CMA. Click on a municipality to see agreements to which they were a party. Alternately, you can scroll down to see the full list of agreements involving one or more municipalities in the CMA.*

3) If you want to search for a more specific policy area (e.g. libraries), you can do so by typing relevant search terms into the search bar. You can also use the drop-down menu below the search bar to search for your term within a particular category.


Please note that the agreements presented here are those that were signed in the 1995 to 2013 period, and thus do not reflect the current state of agreements in each municipality

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*Municipalities that signed agreements but which no longer exist are included under the "Other (not in these CMAs)" category, along with municipalities outside the 12 CMAs studied.